måndag 25 februari 2019

This is Me - Presentation of The TOMIC Team

Hi everyone! 

I just want to share some news with you today.

The Magnolia Design Team 

will start up with

The Official Magnolia Inspirational Challenge


It's a new challenge blog,

but based on the same ideas as the old TOMIC blog.

And for you to get to know the Design Team a bit better

we thought we wanted to present ourself.

So for the three next days you will get to know 

the whole team!

And our first challenge will be March 1st.

Please head over to the TOMIC blog

to read more!!

With love,


* * *


My name is Camilla and I live in Borås, Sweden. 
I live with my two daughters and my husband Johan. 
I worked 30 years as a nurse for old people. I love my job, it gives me a lot of love.
On my free time I make cards, love to color the cute image. 
I always love to bake cakes and spend time in the nature.
It gives me lots of energy.

1. My first meeting with Magnolia 
My first meeting with Magnolia was 11 years ago when my daughter brought me to their boutique in Borås. A whole new world opened up for me and I got carried away of all the papers, colors, stamps etc. I remember seeing previous DT team members Linda and Petra making cards and I was impressed.

2. How did I get in the DT? 
3. How long have I been a member? 
I’ve been a member of the DT team over 11 years and it all started when I got asked to make a test-card for Magnolia since they were looking for new representation from Sweden. A few weeks later I met with Barbro and she asked if I wanted to be a part of Magnolias DT team. I was so happy and I’m very thankful for everything I’ve done these 11 years.
I’m proud and thankful to be a part of the Magnolia team. To be a part of Magnolia for over 10 years is a blessing. I’ve got to know so many friends through Magnolia and also met friends for life. Two very good friends of mine are Camilla Stoen Bakke
and Lillemor, and the happiness was total when they joined the team. I have met them in real life several times. Magnolia is like a family for me and I’ve been on special exhibitions with them which been very funny. 
And also many Magnoliadays i Borås (i miss them a lot)
I love you Barbro John and Pauline, you always have i special place in my heart.

4. One of mine favourite stamp? 
My favorite stamp? I’ve asked myself this question multiple times and it’s a hard question to answer. 
I love animals and I get happy when I see Tilda with an animal. The list is long but To name a few:

* Tilda with Little Rudolf from "Aspen Holidays Collection 2016"
* Tilda with Hanging rabbit from " Butterfly Dreams Collection 2011"
* Tilda with Chanel the Puppy från "Animal of the year 2014"
 *Tilda with Inez the Bunny From "Animal of the Year 2014"
* Tilda with Foxy från " Sun Beam Collection 2018"

5. What do I colour your Magnolias with? 
I paint the Magnolia stamps with distress ink re-inkers, marker and pads.
I love to paint my Magnoliastamps, the hours just fly away.

6.Anything else that I want to share with you.
I love my hobby and everything that has to do with Magnolia. 
My style of the cards are the typical Scandinavian style; light pastel colors in shabby chic with a lot of white flowers is my signature card. 
I usually make the cards in the colors of blue, pink, yellow and green. I build layers and layers with
decorations of lace, flowers, cheesecloth`s, pearls, stickles etc.
I love all the cute motives Pauline is creating, especially the sweet Tilda stamps. I adore her background text and lyrics on all motives.
My room where I create all these things are holy to me, 
and nobody can touch it except from me.
And absolutely don't touch my stamps ;)