torsdag 11 juni 2020

Sjung om Studenten Art Stamp Sheet 2020

Wam welcome back to my little place.
Today´s card comes from Magnolias box 
called Poppelipop box "swedish traditions" Collection 2020.
A new exciting box that you can see our traditions we have in Sweden.
Here is my second card….
This card is also a DT card for Magnolia.
I have made a card that measures 15x15 cm.
I have used the die from Magnolia DooHickey box :
Vol: 5  "Celebration"
"Magnolia online day 2019"
I used Bazzill card stock: Vanilla
and the sweet pattern paper from:
 Maja Design "Vintage Romance- walk with me"
Here she is the adorable Tilda as a Student.
Tilda is from the swedish traditions poppelipop box Collection 2020"
Distress ink:
Skin: Vintage photo och Tattered rose.
Hair: Antique Linnen och Walnut stain.
Clothes: Weahtered wood, Bundled sage.
Shoes: Walnut stain.
Studenthat: Blacksoot, old paper, firedbrick.
 The motif is painted on Langton paper with a synthetic brush in st 00.000.
 Look at this beautiful dies from magnolia online day 2019.
The flower comes from WOC.
here in different size.
*F l o w e r s*
I love flowers in different colors... so it is a must on my cards.
But todays flower is most in cream and white.
I usually paint on my flowers with white color, 
and put some stickles on.
I think it is so beautiful.
And i put some "sissel" under the flower to.
Some of my decorations that I used on this card is:
Lace, cheesecloth, halfpearls
doily…and  stickles, sisals, m.m and some white color.
Love every single one of my magnolia stamps.
I like to build my cards with layers and layers.
Under the motif I have added corrugated board as I first
chalk with walnut stain.
Then I painted with white decoration paint,
to be recalculated with Weathered wood.
During this I added white doily and some cheese cloth.
And a little more white decoration color.
Something I like is when Pauline make small lyrics for the stamps.
This lyrics is from the same collection as the stamp 
"swedish traditions poppelipop box Collection 2020"
* * *
This beautiful tag is a DooHickey Die from Magnolia.
The name is Tildas Tag.
I hope you love my card.
and find some inspiration here to.
And don't forget to take care of each other.
"with love from me"

33 kommentarer:

Patty O'Malley sa...

Beautiful card--coloring, dies, Tilda!

Thomina Augustinsson sa...

Så roligt att du lägger upp svenska traditionen Camilla det är verkligen en underbar stämpel 🥰💕🙏💕

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