söndag 22 september 2019

My day for some inspiration at TOMIC - For a baby girl.

 And welcome back to my day (a few day late…sorry)  here at TOMIC.
I´m so happy to have you here at my little place.
Today i want to show you a card that i made for my doughter´s  friend.
She has given her little princess the name Ellen.
I have used the stamp:
Delivery from Heaven  from "Special Moments collection 2013".

* * *

I have made a card that measures 15x15 cm.
I have used a die from the GoKreate.
I used Bazzill card stock,
and the sweet pattern paper from  Maja Design.
Vintage Baby - "Flowers for mum"
I stamp the bird with "Versafine-Onyx Black".
I have painted with Distress ink.
The motif is painted on Langton paper ,
with a synthetic brush in st 00.000.
* * *
All edges are inked with Distress pads "walnut stain"
The edges around motif and patterns papers are
sewed with my sewing machine.
Some of my decorations that I used on the card is:
Lace, cheesecloth, halfpearls
doily…and  stickles, sisals, m.m and some white color.
"This small tower dies is from DooHickey box vol 9"
*F l o w e r s*
I love flowers in different colors... so it is a must on my cards.
But todays flower is most in pink and white.
Just perfect for a little princess ;)
I usually paint on my flowers with white color, 
and put some stickles on.
I think it is so beautiful.
And i put some "sissel" under the flower to.
I like to build my cards with layers and layers.
Under the motif I have added corrugated board as I first
chalk with walnut stain.
Then I painted with white decoration paint,
to be recalculated with Weathered wood.
During this I added white doily and some cheese cloth.
And a little more white decoration color.
This lyrics is from stempelgledje .
The princess castle is a die and comes from Magnolia.
" The die Castle from Once upon a time collection 2013 "
This is how i decorated the back of the card,
with my personal stamp.
I hope you like  my card,
and find some inspiration.
"with love from me"

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Bittan sa...

ååå vilken söt stämpel !å hela kortet är ljuvligt

Thomina Augustinsson sa...

Helt underbart!!🥰💕

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